Rental Property Inspections.

Made Easy.

Inspeckd is an online tool that helps you perform move-in/out and periodical inspections for rentals.

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The process of creating checklists is simplified.

With Inspeckd you can create, manage, and store inspection reports online. Access your data whether you are at home, the office, or anywhere esles as long as you have an internet connection.

Inspeckd is great for Property Managers, Landlords/Owners, Tenants and Cleaning Companies


Cloud Based

Get stuff done wherever you want, on any device, and your files are always up to date. No programs to install, no software to update.



Leave the paper and pen behind. Checklists are created and shared in a digital format that is automatically generated by Inspeckd.



Inspection reports can easily be emailed from within the Inspeckd software. Recipients can view online or print their own personal copy.


Online Storage

Inspection reports are stored online and in one single place. No need to compile and print countless inspections and find places to store them all.

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