A more effecient way to create inspection reports.

Inspeckd is designed for property managers, landlords/owners, cleaning companies, and tenants, in the residential rental industry.


Great features.

We have simplified the process of creating inspection reports. With all of the following features you will be able to inspect your property with minimum effort and maximum professionalism.


Custom inspections

Create inspection reports for your property. Inspeckd allows you to add rooms, rename rooms, and add or remove items within the room. It is simple and fast.


Easy assessment

Note the condition of each item: good, fair, poor, clean, dirty, marks, damage. Insert comments. Upload images. You assess the property, we compile the data.


Save time

The easy assessment tools help our users save time, a lot of time. Inspeckd does the hard work of compiling the data you input into a readable, professional format.


On the go

Inspeckd works on your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or any internet connected device. Don't be tied down to a desk, finalize inspections at the property.


In the cloud

Access to your inspection anywhere you may find yourself throughout the day. Start your inspection your phone and finish it on your laptop, without any hassle.



Your inspection can quickly be printed if you need a hard copy, or sent to an email address with one click. Keep owners, tenants, and property managers in the loop.

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